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As we strive to provide the instruments that technical and creative teams need to do their jobs, LEADER INSTRUMENTS is proud to announce the introduction of the world’s first 4K test monitor. The LV5490 is a waveform monitor supporting 4K video format. It can display up to two 4K channels of 3G-SDI input signals simultaneously. Eight channels of inputs are available, four are dedicated input connectors with cable length measurement capability, the other four channels are configurable as inputs or outputs with pattern generator functions. The built-in 9-inch LCD monitor is Full HD (1920 x 1080) with wide viewing angle and high color reproduction. Cinelite® and Cinezone® are standard features in this instrument, allowing to measure the brightness and luminance levels at specific points of the picture.


Our LV7770 is the rasterizer version of the award-winning LV5770. It accepts two 3G/HD/SD-SDI sources. Other features are Cinelite® II (including Cinezone® false color display), 3D Assist function, flexible User Layout, Loudness display, Lip-Sync measurement, EIA-708 / EIA-608 Closed Caption, AFD, Webserver, Physical Layer testing, ANC Data Viewer, Dolby Metadata Analysis and simultaneous display of 16 channels of audio. The LV7770-01 remote control panel is optionally available. The LV7770 presents a very cost effective test solution.


In Audio Monitors, we have two portable versions, the LV5837 and the LV5838. Common features such as level meters, Lissajous, surround sound, loudness measurement, Dolby, status display and error log functions are available in both models. The LV5837 accepts 16 channels of discrete AES/EBU audio inputs. The LV5838 includes the entire features of the LV5837, plus it supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI embedded audio and 16 channels of AES/EBU configurable inputs or outputs.